May 2022

This month, Omega Scientific is having a sale on Specialty FBS. Our most popular products in category (Tet Approved FBS, Dialyzed FBS, and Charcoal-Stripped/ Dextran-Treated FBS) are all $150 off – no minimum! Save BIG and buy as many as you need for your lab!

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New Product Alert!

Omega Scientific is excited to announce a new product to our Specialty FBS line: Lipid Depleted/Delipidated FBS.

Lipid Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum is produced by using fumed silica precipitation method for removing lipids. The fumed silica powder is mixed into the serum and centrifuged. The lipids attach to the silica in the pellet and the supernatant contains only the serum.  After treatment the level of cholesterol is < 10mg/100ml. Lipid Depleted FBS is suitable for lipid-metabolism studies or Arteriosclerosis research. This product is also known as Delipidated FBS.

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