FB-40: Exosome Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum 250ml

FB-40: Exosome Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum 250ml




≥ 95% depletion of exosomes (guaranteed minimum)

Finished serum is treated with proprietary ultrafiltration system

Microvesicles removed

No modification on cell growth promotion

Catalog #s: FB-40/50 and FB-40/250

Volume Available: 50mL and 250mL

Storage: -20o C

Virus Screened

Mycoplasma Tested

Triple 0.1 Micron Filtered

Discuss your specification requirements with a Sales Representative.

This product ships on dry ice.



Exosome Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum gives you faster and more accurate results for your research.  This product has undergone a proprietary protocol to remove at least 95% of Exosomes that could interfere with your research.  The depletion rate is measured by a nanoparticle tracking analysis apparatus (NTA using the NanoSight NS300 apparatus from Malvern).

FBS naturally possesses exosomes that can counteract your research by altering results from FBS exosomes instead of your cells.  The exact biological functions of which are yet unknown, however they can interfere with the exosomes derived from the cultured cells.  Don’t worry, even after removing the exomes from the FBS, it still maintains the vital nutrients necessary for cell culture without any variance. Don’t waste time and filters attempting to deplete them yourself. 

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.91339 × 2.91339 × 6.9685 in
Bottle Size

250 mL, 50 mL

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