AA-40: Antibiotic Antimycotic (100x), 100 mL


Catalog # AA-40
Volume: 100 mL
Storage: -20º C
This product is stored frozen and ships on dry ice.

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Inhibits bacterial cell-wall synthesis (Penicillin), inhibits prokaryote protein synthesis (Streptomycin) and interferes with fungal membrane permeability (Amphotericin B)


25 μg/mL Amphotericin B
10,000 U/ml of Penicillin G
10,000 μg/mL of Streptomycin
8.5 g/L Sodium Chloride
0.2μm Sterile Filtered

Antimicrobial spectrum: Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

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